Monday, May 23, 2011

Example of Alliteration

Here is an example of an alliteration in a song...
1: Better be a better boy before you bother 
betting that you'll bring her back home again. 
Try to treat her like you treat a tender lady. 
Tell her truthfully that you'll make amends. 
She'll be upset for a while. 
But you can win with the smile. 

2: Couldn't keep her quite contented, could you? 'Cause you 
caused her so much misery that she ached. 
Go and get her gifts of goodies, gold and flowers. 
Guess you've got to give it all that it takes. 
You've got to give one more try. 
See if she'll come to your side. 

there is a lot of alliteration in this song by mick terry or there is a song by Michael Jackson/ Jackson Five "Rockin Robin" which is another example of an alliteration.

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